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Be Heard.


Move On.

Resolve disputes online with legally enforceable results.

What Is FairClaims?

FairClaims helps people and companies resolve their toughest disputes with our online dispute resolution platform. Our suite of tools includes a smart settlement engine, mediated chat, and audio/video arbitration.

Small Claims

(Disputes < $25K)
Resolve your dispute in a few weeks online instead of months in small claims court. Our arbitrators are top attorneys with dispute resolution experience who are friendly and approachable.
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(Disputes > $25K, No limit)
Use our streamlined rules to get to resolution in around 90 days for a fraction of the cost of AAA and JAMS. Experienced arbitrators. Easy to use platform.
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Our HOA Mediation service has launched!

An efficient and cost-effective mediation with HOA experts.

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How It Works


Make Your Case

Tell us about your dispute. We'll invite the other side to resolve it and assign a qualified and friendly Arbitrator.


Online Hearing

You'll upload evidence and have a live phone or video hearing where the Arbitrator will hear both sides of the story.



Your Arbitrator will issue a decision within 8 days of your hearing. This decision is legally binding and enforceable.


Make Your Case

Tell us about your dispute. We'll then invite the other party to join.


Make Offers

Make and discuss settlement offers and counter-offers. We'll even suggest offer amounts based on disputes like yours.



Once you come to an agreement, we'll notify both parties and require that payment be made within 14 days.


Everything is done online, you can complete each step on your time, and we are always there to help you through the process.


Get results in days to weeks, rather than the months to years it may take in court.


Our Arbitrators and Mediators are top attorneys and dispute resolution professionals who meet strict requirements to work with us, but are still friendly and approachable.

Satisfied Customers

Highest rated Arbitrators. Industry leading satisfaction scores.

Dillon A. From Minneapolis, MN

"I didn't have the time to go through a lengthy court process. FairClaims quickly resolved my dispute and I felt the process was easy and the outcome was fair."

Julie E. From Aspen, CO

"This was a terrific experience. I've dealt with small claims before, and this was much smoother than court. The Arbitrator was thoughtful and thorough and asked excellent questions."

Ben C. (Attorney) From Austin, TX

"I recommend FairClaims to all my clients who have small claims cases. Why go to court when you can legally resolve disputes online?"

Francesca S. From Los Angeles, CA

"I settled my case with the other party a few days after signing up. We were both happy with the result. Easiest process ever."