There are two sides to every story. We want to hear yours.

About Us

We're a group of legal and technology experts who want to make it easier for everyone to resolve their disputes and move on. No matter who you are, no matter your resources.


To make it easy to resolve disputes, regardless of access to legal counsel or other resources.


A world as free of unresolved disputes as possible. And a world in which people can move on more quickly from disagreements.

Hello, Fairness

Hi, I'm Stephen.

We created FairClaims to help make a difference in the world.

As an attorney, I saw how unfair the legal system can be, for individuals and businesses alike. So we built a platform where everyone can feel heard - regardless of who they are or what they have.

A place where justice truly is blind.

I can't promise we'll get everything right. But I can commit that we'll work hard to be fair and transparent in everything we do.

Here's to being heard, resolving disputes, and moving on.

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"The mission is really about access to the justice system."

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Built in LA

"We hope to democratize and improve access to quality justice for those who currently don't have it."

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Stanford Law School

"We help users by saving them time and hassle versus actually appearing in small claims court."

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