ArbiClaims and USLegal Join Forces to Offer Online Dispute Resolution

USLegal, Inc. recently announced a partnership with ArbiClaims, a premier web-based dispute resolution service. The alliance now enables individuals to settle legal disagreements more quickly, efficiently, and affordably though online arbitration. Arbitration is a process to resolve conflicts without going to court. An arbitrator decides a case and the decision is enforceable similar to a court judgment. The new service can be accessed at

“USLegal welcomes the opportunity to partner with ArbiClaims to bring online dispute resolution to our website users. We seek to provide USLegal customers with access to the widest range of legal products and services available today, especially those that can help them settle legal matters cost effectively,” said USLegal CEO Frank D. Edens.

ArbiClaims handles personal and business disputes under $15,000. Once parties agree to use the service, evidence is presented to a neutral third party arbitrator and 15 to 30 minute online “trials” are held. The decision and awards made by the arbitrator then becomes binding on the parties. Most conflicts are resolved in 21 days through the web-based service versus going through the traditional court process which can often take months and involve the hiring of attorneys and payment of court costs to resolve. Examples of matters that can be handled by ArbiClaims include disagreements over loan repayments, past due invoices, car repair, security deposits, and services contracts.

“US Legal is a proven leader in DIY law, having provided millions of users with cost effective solutions they otherwise wouldn’t have access to,” said Stephen Kane, ArbiClaims CEO. “We’re excited to partner with them and work together to do the same thing when it comes to disputes. Frank and his team understand the pain points we solve with ArbiClaims, making them a natural fit.”

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