ArbiClaims White Paper – Online Dispute Resolution

Many enterprise businesses ask ArbiClaims for a demonstration on how the arbitration process works and how our platform brings value to the company and its customers.

In this white paper, we explore the challenges of resolving small claims matters in court and examine how ArbiClaims provides a neutral avenue to help companies settle disputes with its users, while staying focused on primary businesses activities. Our enterprise customers love that ArbiClaims settles matters in as little as 3 weeks and saves the company from learning the various procedures of each state’s small claims courts.

ArbiClaims disrupts the legal industry by offering a simple solution to resolving legal disputes quickly and easily. With its online platform and integrated customer support system, ArbiClaims helps parties settle conflicts at their convenience using video and telephone hearings. Experienced arbitrators assess evidence and come to a binding, court-enforceable result.

Read the ArbiClaims White Paper here and let us know your thoughts!