Arbitration Clauses: The Importance of Transparency

ArbiClaims was founded on two main principles: fairness and transparency.  We want parties to an arbitration to know exactly what they need to do at every step in the process from agreement to award – which is why we developed resources on case analysis, hearing preparation, and technical assistance.  These resources are unbiased and available to everyone, and we take pride in making sure that both sides have time to view the other side’s evidence and prepare for their hearing.  We believe that we are able to more clearly, fairly and quickly resolve disputes by being upfront about the process and empowering people with the resources to make informed decisions about their case.

Our online dispute resolution process isn’t limited to arbitration, but we do believe that our process is much easier and fairer than those offered by other arbitration services. Not only do we provide parties an unprecedented level of resources at one click, but our process is outlined publicly for all to see.

Our arbitrators take the time in advance of a hearing to fully review both sides’ statements and evidence.  They spend on average around 1000% more time considering a case as does a small-claims judge (almost 2 hours, compared to maybe 10 minutes in small claims court), all while reducing the time from filing to resolution by up to 90%.

While disputes stink, we know online arbitration can make the dispute resolution process easier for everyone, which is why we sometimes wonder why everyone isn’t so straightforward about it.  Take for example this story about one of the most innocuous products out there: the Snuggie.

We believe that these issues can be resolved simply with clear language and thoughtful drafting of agreements.  We of course also encourage anyone signing a legal document to carefully review it beforehand, but a clearly drafted and fair arbitration clause can help everyone involved reach a resolution much more quickly and easily – just check out some of our sample clauses!