Case Study: Car Rental Marketplace

We are fortunate to work with so many incredible enterprise businesses. From small startups to established entities, these businesses create unique services and foster loyal customer bases. Recently, we examined a customer in the car rental marketplace industry and developed a case study to determine how ArbiClaims played a role in solving several of its challenges.

Two of the challenges this car rental industry customer faced included seeking reimbursement from renters and handling disputes with car owners who expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of money received for damages. While resolving conflicts, the company became concerned that it might lose customers as a result of unfavorable outcomes. The company sought a way to fairly settle disputes and eliminate social media backlash.

With ArbiClaims’ impartial arbitration platform, the company retained its users, increased satisfaction, and reduced customer support time. One of the benefits enterprise businesses enjoy when using ArbiClaims to resolve disputes is that the companies no longer assume the burden of settling matters and absorbing backlash. Customers resolve disputes through ArbiClaims and view the experience as a fair method to come to a decision, and they do not hold the company responsible for the outcome.

Read the Car Rental Marketplace Case Study here. We’d love to hear your thoughts!