Case Study: Online Marketplace Solutions

ArbiClaims works with numerous, awesome enterprise businesses. These companies range from small, emerging businesses to large, multi-nationals.  Recently, we examined a customer in the peer-to-peer marketplace industry and developed a case study to determine how ArbiClaims helped to solve a number of its challenges.  This is a huge growth-space, with Andreesen Horowitz Partner Jeff Jordan commenting recently that “We’re continuing to see tremendous innovation in marketplaces.”  At ArbiClaims, we’re seeing the same thing, and are helping foster that innovation by with our leading dispute resolution platform.

This particular customer faced a number of challenges, including users who were at times unable to resolve issues themselves, forcing the customer to invest significant resources into managing difficult disputes.  And even with significant resources invested in customer satisfaction, users were upset about the resolutions reached, and some took to small claims court or social media venting – making them and their friends less likely to use the customer’s platform. Further compounding the challenge was the inability to resolve user complaints about false or inaccurate reviews on other sites.

With ArbiClaims’ impartial arbitration and dispute resolution platform, the customer retained its users, increased satisfaction, and reduced customer support time. One of the benefits enterprise businesses enjoy when using ArbiClaims to resolve disputes is that the companies no longer assume the burden of settling matters and absorbing backlash. Customers resolve disputes through ArbiClaims and view the experience as a fair method to come to a decision, and they do not hold the company responsible for the outcome.

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