The Continuing Modernization of Customer Service

By now you know that FairClaims’ goal is to revolutionize how disputes are handled by making them as painless to resolve as ordering a Lyft or Uber car.  We offer online dispute resolution tools ranging from settlement to mediation all the way to arbitration that can be used from the comfort of your home, office or job site – rather than spending months waiting for a small-claims court date, and hours sitting in a courthouse.

Some companies are taking note of this trend toward better customer service, one industry that sorely needs it in particular – the airline industry.  You’ve certainly heard of the incidents on United airlines and others, but Delta is taking a different approach with some of their new tools.  Not only are they testing out multiple authentication methods for baggage checks and checkin, but they have installed a kiosk in Regan National Airport so that customers with issues can not only speak but see a Delta representative when they are trying to rebook a flight, or figure out a connection.  Check out the Engadget article about it here.

Our hope is that solutions like these will help prevent disputes before they even happen, but when they do FairClaims is here to make the process as smooth as it could be.  If you have any questions about FairClaims, or would like to see how we could work for your business please reach out to!