Great Customer Service Rises Above (Especially in Dispute Resolution!)

With so many options available for just about any good or service you could need, businesses increasingly need to think about how to differentiate themselves from competitors.  You can offer a better service or product, sure, but often its the purchasing process that can create repeat customers.  From assisting before a purchase to resolving issues afterward, phenomenal customer service can not only be a differentiator to rise above your competitors, but is becoming almost a necessity.

Most customer service principles seem like common sense: be nice, be honest and be responsive – especially when customer disputes arise.  But some concepts are less intuitive, or harder to achieve than you may think at first.  For example it makes sense that customer service agents should answer the questions being asked, but in practice sometimes this is harder than it may seem.  The best customer service agents not only respond to customers questions, but are thoughtful in their responses, considering what the customer’s underlying issue actually is and answering the next question.  These kinds of responses are trickier, and require significant training and preparation on whatever service or product your selling, so that agents can respond accurately and quickly.

The Huffington Post recently published an article outlining the basics, but when reading think about what it takes to differentiate your customer service.  Every modern company generally lives by these tips, so how can your company rise above?

At FairClaims, we understand this challenge better than most.  By offering dispute resolution services to your customers, like those offered by FairClaims, you can create a feeling that customers are being taken care of from purchase all the way through any issues they may have.  And by using FairClaims dispute resolution services you can limit social media backlash and create repeat customers, even from those whose experiences may not have gone perfectly.