Digital Arbitration – Announcing FairClaims FastTrack for Small Firm Attorneys & SMBs

Hot off the presses – Bob Ambrogi of LawSites broke the news yesterday about a new FairClaims offering for disputes above $25,000 (no cap) – FastTrack digital arbitration. Read more here.

As reported, FairClaims FastTrack digital arbitration is a new offering for small law firms and small businesses to be able to resolve disputes much quicker than with established providers like JAMS & AAA, and at a fraction of the cost. For example – a $150,000 dispute that would take 12-15 months and cost around $20,000/party will only take 90 days and cost more like $2,500/party with FairClaims. More info and pricing here.

FairClaims is modern dispute resolution for the rest of us. We offer (1) a digital platform (2) quality, experienced arbitrators (3) streamlined rules and (4) affordable pricing. It’s easy to use – designed to be user friendly enough for non-lawyers and robust enough for lawyers. See our new the FastTrack rules here, developed by some of the country’s preeminent arbitration experts and building on our experience as the premier online dispute resolution platform for claims $25,000 and under. Let us know what you think!

A question we often get is- what’s the catch? How can you charge so little and promise so much? It’s simple – we can charge less but still offer quality, professional arbitrators because we automate their workflow, streamline the rules, and focus on efficiency. So the same arbitrators serving on other panels can do the “meat and potatoes” of their job much more efficiently with FairClaims.

We can charge lower filing fees because we don’t have physical offices and overhead, and automate our workflows as well. It’s what we did for small claims disputes and it’s worked (we charge $475/arbitration versus thousands of dollars elsewhere). Finally – for now, FairClaims is mostly focused on disputes $250K and less. We can handle any dollar amount and various case types & complexities but are currently optimized for more streamlined, two party disputes under a million dollars.

Thanks for learning more about FairClaims FastTrack digital arbitration. Please email with any questions and to get more info, or to initiate an arbitration. Hope to hear from you soon!