Online Dispute Resolution is Going Global

At FairClaims, we’re always looking at the big picture.  We want to change how disputes are resolved for everyone, from being a small claims alternative in the US, to resolving multimillion-dollar transactions between companies halfway across the world.  Our goal is to make it easier for companies and consumers to reach a resolution for their legal issues in a way that makes sense in the 21st century.

In Europe, the issue of how to resolve smaller disputes is even more pronounced.  While there are standards set by the EU to make things easier when two parties reside in different countries, there are still jurisdictional challenges.  So the European Union is working toward making cross-border disputes easier as well.  In 2016 the European Commission launched an online dispute resolution platform to help consumers and traders in different EU countries resolve small transactions.  The system relies on voluntary acceptance by both sides, and utilizes numerous separate arbitral bodies to which the parties must both agree.

Unfortunately this might lead to fewer disputes moving all the way through the process, but there is clearly interest in the program – over 24,000 people filed a dispute in it’s first year.  The goal of the program is to help businesses and individuals avoid significant court costs for cross-border disputes, and FairClaims shares that vision both nationally and internationally.

Check out the press release from the European Commission outlining what the ODR program is doing here.  You can learn more about how FairClaims helps to improve disputes, from small claims up to $20k+ at