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Online Dispute Resolution 

Online Dispute Resolution has been out and about since the 1990’s. That’s a lot of time on the ground to get into the people’s good graces. You would think that it would be a well-known staple in the way people handle smaller monetary disputes or claims. But you ask just about anyone on the street if they know what Arbitration is, they may give you a very puzzled look.


Is Alternative Dispute Resolution active on the larger scale? Yes, it is! Just take a look at all the Arbitrations surrounding Baseball season and the millions of dollars at stake during that process. But that’s when you are talking about big money, which is not a big percentage of the US. What is? Every day individuals who have everyday disputes ranging from $500 to $20,000. There is an effective way to help them, it’s just not as widely known or accessible on the smaller level.


Everyday solutions for everyday people with everyday problems!

FairClaims aims to change that! FairClaims is starting to enter the Insurance sector and it seems like a no-brainer! Why should you have to handle it on your own? Say you hire an attorney and head on over to a lengthy court process, much of the time you don’t even know what’s going on. But why? You can handle your dispute through Arbitration from the comfort of your own home, equipped with mediation and settlement tools to solve it even faster… I mean you can’t get much faster than our Arbitration process, but just wait and see through our other tools!


Faster, easier, happier…..


An article on Mediate.com states that 70% of consumers who go through Alternative Dispute Resolution are satisfied with how the complaint was handled. Why not end up satisfied with your claims process?

“With its extensive impact, it’s not hard to understand why technology has been referred to as the “Fourth Party,” along with the disputants and any neutrals, or to agree with the prediction that the range of techniques will inevitably continue to expand as technology continues to evolve.”

FairClaims – Party of Four!


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