FairClaims Trust on Demand SF Event Recap

FairClaims, in partnership with Silicon Legal Strategy (www.siliconlegal.com) and Checkr (www.checkr.com), today held one of the first on demand industry events focusing exclusively on how to manage trust and safety issues in marketplaces.  We’re proud to say that the event was an incredible success – standing room only – with panelists from Lyft, Turo, Shift, Peerspace, TaskRabbit, GetMyBoat, Bedly, and more sharing their best practices for preventing fraud, resolving disputes and managing social media backlash.

From chargebacks and identity theft to minimizing social media backlash and social media vetting, the issues discussed are ones that every on demand marketplace will face. Unfortunately, there are limited tools available to many managers and executives – both to help prevent trust and safety issues, and to resolve them when they do come up.

The two biggest takeaways:

-Every on demand company faces fraud, especially chargebacks, and even clear-cut cases are hard to prevent.

-Social media backlash hits every on demand company, but customer support speed and deescalation are key.

Checkr and FairClaims are working hard on both the prevention and resolution sides to build solutions for these problems, which is why we wanted to begin to create a community around this under-discussed challenge.  We’ve created a discussion group around these issues, if you’re interested in joining send an email to info@fairclaims.coma and we’ll get you set up.

Thanks again to all of the participants, panelists, moderators and sponsors for helping to make the event such a huge success, and keep an eye out for our next event in the next few months!