The Importance of Listening to Customers – Even for a CEO

At ArbiClaims we have a unique understanding of the realities companies face in dealing with customers.  The most important feedback we regularly receive after customers use our dispute resolution platform?  Customers want to be heard.  Even more than having their issue resolved exactly how they hope, they want to have a conversation with service representatives.

We deal largely with claims that otherwise would end up in small-claims court, a venue not known for allowing folks to be fully heard.  Online arbitration, and online dispute resolution generally, instead allows customers to present their side of the story in a holistic way.  By providing customers with a platform in which they can upload evidence on their own time and speak with someone who can provide a resolution to their dispute, we are able to provide a forum in which customers can express their concerns to a neutral party, rather than just receiving a policy-based response and resolution.

But the importance of being heard starts the minute a customer reaches out to your support team.  Customers don’t want to hear canned responses, they want to communicate their problem and feel as though their concerns are truly being considered.  In thinking about the importance of communication, we came across a fantastic Entrepreneur Magazine article about a CEO who makes time every week to talk with customers directly.  In the article, Alan Murray, President and CEO of CareConnect Insurance Company, Inc., talks about how customer service shouldn’t be thought of as an annoyance or necessary evil, but rather an important – if not crucial – part of a company’s success.

It’s about going above and beyond not only to get customers issues resolved, but to ensure they feel that their voice matters.  Check out the whole article here, and if you have any stories like this let us know!  We’d love to write about them.