In a world of online accessibility… ODR just makes sense!

When you think FairClaims, what comes to mind?

Well, besides neutrality, fairness and simplicity…… How about the fact that you can do it from the comfort of your own home, couch, on your lunch break, during vacation etc. Really, it is up to you, and that is such a great feeling!


In reading this article by Namita Shah, she really shows why Online Dispute Resolution is what our society not only needs, but expects. How can literally everything be at your finger tips but not the most important thing?

If you have a dispute or legal matter, doesn’t it makes sense for you to be able to handle it whenever and wherever? Something of that magnitude should be able to have your attention when it is most important. During this era, handling everything online is just second-nature, and the thought of not being able to do that can create a panic.


If you have a dispute or legal matter, you should not be expected to go to court. That entails traveling to the court, maneuvering the courthouse, filing issues, scheduling conflicts, maintaining hard copies of all your materials, not having enough time to explain things adequately…. the list goes on but it shouldn’t.


Take disputes to your finger tips…. solve your disputes through FairClaims, it just makes sense!