We Visited Lexicata to Discuss Technology, Profits, and Small Claims

Our good friends at Lexicata invited ArbiClaims CEO Stephen to discuss how attorneys can leverage legal technology to represent small claims clients.

Oftentimes, attorneys believe that representing small claims clients results in lower profits, headache-inducing work, and dissatisfied clients who spent more in attorney fees than the claim’s value. In Stephen’s Lexicata guest post, he discusses options and pricing to help you increase your profits when working on small claims matters.

Stephen offers an insightful look at the benefits of leveraging technology to increase efficiency. With innovative tools, such as Lexicata, HotDocs, and ArbiClaims, attorneys (and clients) have the flexibility to select solutions to fit a variety of dispute resolution needs.

Head over to Lexicata’s excellent blog to read Stephen’s guest post, and let us know your thoughts on leveraging technology.