Maintaining Legal Compliance for Small Businesses

At FairClaims, our goal is to make it easier to resolve disputes for everyone – from individuals to large enterprises.  But one market that can particularly benefit from FairClaims’ online dispute resolution products and arbitration service is small businesses.

Small businesses face innumerable challenges, but legal issues might be one of the most daunting.  Even the most successful and forward-thinking business owner will eventually find themselves in a dispute of some kind, be it with a customer, vendor or government agency.  FairClaims is happy to help with customers and vendors, but most disputes with or against the government have to be handled through special processes.

And oftentimes, government decisions seem arbitral or unfair to small business owners – and usually those small business owners are right.  Navigating a spiderweb of government regulations on employment, environmental or financial matters is daunting.  There are attorneys who specialize only in government relations or administrative law.  Oftentimes the regulatory hurdles faced by small businesses seem (and were) designed for large corporations who can afford to maintain compliance with every little item.  And if you fall out of compliance the fines can be crippling.

But did you know that the federal government’s Small Business Administration can help?  Through a legislative mandate, the SBA offers assistance in negotiating with government agencies to bring businesses into compliance and limit fines for non-compliance.

While FairClaims typically can’t use our online dispute resolution tools in these matters, it’s great to know that the government isn’t just there to be the enforcer, but rather to help small business owners comply while maintaining their businesses.  Check out a summary of the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act here, and  learn how to contact the SBA when you find yourself in a dispute FairClaims can’t help with!