Mediation! Coming to you from ANY location!

Go Michigan!

According to an article here, Detroit is sending some prisoners to mediation upon filing a civil dispute. Looks like they are taking after: Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Pennsylvania and California!!

To start the prisoners will file claims that they wish to represent themselves in. As many individuals do not have the knowledge to handle a great deal of legal situations themselves, Mediations help the prisoners have more say in the language that is used to resolve their claim. That way everyone involved has a better understanding of the conversation that surrounds the dispute and will help them come to a more comprehensive resolution. 

This approach will help reduce costs for taxpayers and allow for legitimate claims to have the representation they deserve, themselves. A much more versed self. 

The prisoners will be taking part in this program via video conference, much like FairClaims Arbitrations. 

FairClaims may not be able to handle claims such as this yet, but we congratulate any state that is taking these steps towards Alternative Dispute Resolution. Who knows, you may see FairClaims in the DOC space in the future!