Navigating Small Claims Court

It you have a dispute that you aren’t able to resolve yourself, it may be time to look for new solutions. But these alternatives are often intimidating and can be time consuming and expensive.

In an article on Avvo today, Alexandra Devendra from ArbiClaims describes the key steps in resolving a dispute in small claims court.

In the article, Alexandra says the first question to answer is if your case meets the requirements for small claims court in your state. Most states have a limit of $5,000 to $10,000 for small claims. If you meet the requirements you then need to file paperwork about your case. Keep in mind that the filing fee will range between $20 and $200. You’ll then need to prepare for your hearing, making sure to practice your arguments to make your strongest point in the limited time you are given.

Alexandra also writes about alternatives to small claims court. ArbiClaims is a more flexible and faster way to resolve your dispute without even leaving your home.