How One Man’s Fight Against Citibank Highlights An Arbitration Deterrent

One of the main reasons why we created ArbiClaims was to help individuals resolve disputes without incurring high costs.

The recent story of Daniel Dempsey’s arbitration journey highlights a great challenge many people face when settling matters with large companies. Dempsey spent $100,000 and hundreds of hours of time arbitrating his case against Citibank, a company with deep pockets, in-house counsel, and nothing but time.

Arbitration should be a simple process that facilitates a fair decision within weeks. One of the greatest benefits of arbitration is that it can have an equalizing effect – whether the parties are large corporations or individuals, everyone has the opportunity to speak and have their cases heard.

At ArbiClaims, we strive to make the arbitration journey as painless as possible. Our hearings are conducted online or over the telephone, and our arbitrators are experienced and knowledgeable. Attorneys are not required and parties can upload evidence through our platform, so costs are kept low.

Dempsey’s story illustrates one of the reasons why people are hesitant to engage in dispute resolution. The time, money, and resources involved in settling matters can act as a deterrent, but ArbiClaims has disrupted alternative dispute resolution, making the process easier, faster, and simpler.