Online Dispute Resolution on the Rise

Online dispute resolution is all we do at FairClaims, because we know how hectic and confusing the court process can be! Even in small claims court, the time between filing a claim and receiving the final decision typically means months of waiting and endless hours spent inside an unfamiliar courtroom, potentially accompanied with a lawyer whose fees might even exceed the claim…and full-on civil suits are even worse.  Small wonder that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) are gaining more and more traction, and a fantastic survey and report released by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) affirms this move toward more efficient methods of resolving all kinds of disputes.

The survey polled over a thousand registered voters about their perceptions about state courts. The survey concluded that, although courts remain the most trusted branch of the government, their support among the public has been waning – a result of deep-seated concerns about inefficiency and unfairness.

Despite engendering greater confidence than the executive or legislative branches, NCSC found that the concerns regarding fairness and inefficiency of the courts are still creating hunger for alternatives. Coupled with the findings that the courts were not seen as doing enough with technology in regards to customer service, and that 60% of those surveyed suggested the courts should “explore new technologies” when trying to improve current conditions, ODR is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to filing a lawsuit.

At FairClaims, these specific issues – inefficiency, perceived lack of fairness, and customer service in particular – are the precise concerns we’ve worked to improve in building the leading ODR service. FairClaims’ average turnaround time is three weeks – not months – yet our arbitrators are spending 10x as long considering evidence and testimony as does a typical small-claims judge. And the best part? You can complete the FairClaims ODR process from your couch, office or even car (parked of course)! You don’t have to wait for a lawyer to get back to you while your wallet suffers. And unlike some dispute resolution services, all of our arbitrators are experienced, licensed attorneys.

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