Standard Essential Patent Arbitration

Has anyone done this before? How are we different? What’s our advantage?

Particularly in the tech world, these business questions eventually lead to – will we get sued for violating someone’s patent? Patent litigation is a fear of every business owner, from the biggest CEO’s to the entrepreneur with a great app idea.  The cost, time, and frustration associated are maddening.  Regulators are now thinking about whether or not arbitration is a viable alternative to massive, drawn-out litigation. And why not? No business wants to deal with expensive litigation costs, and time taken away from developing great products.

We think the same way.  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and especially online arbitration, reduces costs and time spent resolving a dispute.  For small claims cases all the way to vendor contracts, ArbiClaims resolves contract disputes, landlord problems and unpaid invoices online in 3 weeks or less.  With ArbiClaims, there is no attorney required, and the entire process can be conducted online – from evidence and witnesses, to hearings and a decision.

While it’s a great solution for large tech companies, arbitration is no longer available only to publicly traded corporations. We’re bringing this easier way of resolving disputes to everyone, so that you can get a legally-binding decision while drinking your morning coffee!