A Year of ArbiClaims Growth in Review

As the ArbiClaims team looks back on 2016, we’ve been thinking a lot about our greatest wins and setbacks. We’ve learned a lot this past year, and we’d like to share some of our thoughts with you about the ArbiClaims growth and development.

Culture and Growth

We added three people to ArbiClaims and watched as our tiny team evolved to become a disruptive force in the legal industry. One of our team’s biggest learnings this year is that each addition to the team changes our culture. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of creativity, innovation, and risk-taking, and the members of the ArbiClaims internal community contribute their uniqueness to our small environment. We learned that it’s important to understand how new teammates respond to a variety of situations, including setbacks, successes, conflicts, and feedback sessions. As an alternative dispute resolution company, we value empathy, integrity, honesty, and respect. In every situation and interaction, we strive to maintain these characteristics to ensure that remain solution-focused.

Communicating in a Remote World

As a mostly remote, distributed team, our interactions take place via email, Slack, and Google Hangout. We’ve learned that effective communication is important in conveying ideas and building friendships. One of the challenges we faced earlier this year was developing relationships organically. Since we can’t mingle with each other throughout the day, we’ve started having bi-weekly video meetings to give us that face-to-face time that is so important in building the foundation of an early-stage startup.

Our 2017 Goals

In the coming year, we look forward to growing our team, working with more incredible enterprise businesses, and helping people resolve disputes quickly and easily. The most valuable lesson we learned is that Time is precious, so in 2017, we hope to save businesses time from handling disputes so that they can focus on innovating and we want to save people time from going to small claims court so that they can create happy memories with family.