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What is FairClaims?

We're an online service that helps you resolve your dispute. We're quicker and easier than court and settlements or decisions reached through us are legally binding and court enforceable.

What services do you offer?

We have a variety of online tools to help you resolve your dispute. We can help you reach a settlement agreement with the other side or have one of our arbitrators hear both sides of the story and render a decision.


What is the arbitration service?

Our arbitration service allows both parties to tell their side of the story and have an Arbitrator make a decision. Usually this involves both sides uploading their statement and evidence followed by a 30 minute phone call or online video hearing. During the hearing, the Arbitrator will listen to both sides and ask any questions he/she has about the evidence. A decision will be rendered within 4 days of the hearing.

Is this official?

Yes! We use a legal process called "arbitration" to resolve disputes, which is sanctioned by federal and state laws. The decision is legally binding and enforceable just like court.

Is this like court?

We're better! We let you do everything from the comfort of your home or office. No more taking off work just to make your court date. And our arbitrators spend more time on your case than a judge would in court.

Who are your arbitrators?

We have the highest quality arbitrators who are experienced lawyers who went to top law schools. They are also friendly, approachable, and good communicators to ensure you have a great experience working with them.

What does the process involve?

It's simple. Sign up and tell us a little about your dispute. We'll then invite the other party to join and let you upload evidence. We'll assign an arbitrator to your case and schedule a hearing date that works for both parties. You'll then have a 30 minute phone call or online video chat hearing and you'll get decision a within a few days.

Ok, but how do I actually collect if I win?

Most people pay the decision amount within 2 weeks. But if a party does not pay as expected, collecting that payment is a very straightforward process and we'll help you through it.

What inspired FairClaims?

We created this site because the legal system is too expensive and inefficient at resolving small matters. We knew we could do better. And we love helping people work out their differences quickly and easily.

I still have questions, where can I learn more?

We have answers to more detailed questions here. You can also email us at