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Empowering businesses to resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.

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What Is FairClaims?

FairClaims helps people and companies resolve their toughest disputes with our online dispute resolution platform. Our suite of tools includes a smart settlement engine (FairOffer) with mediated chat (FairChat), AI mediation (FairBot), a smart intake and assessment tool (FairTake), audio/video arbitration and a claims dashboard.


Protect Your Brand

Preserve your NPS score and mitigate social media + PR backlash by making people feel heard.


Our Arbitrators are carefully vetted - we only accept 7% of applicants, all experienced attorneys. They spend an average of 90 minutes resolving each claim.

Save Employee Time

Avoid endless back and forth in customer support. Avoid sending employees to small claims court.


Simple disputes can be resolved in less than a week, and more complex ones only take about three weeks.

Financial ROI

You can save money on outside counsel spend, recover more unpaid invoices and fight more chargebacks.


85-90% of respondents pay out on an award. Even customers who lose usually appreciate the process and respect outcomes.

How It Works


Make Your Case

Tell us about your dispute. We'll invite the other side to resolve it and assign a qualified and friendly Arbitrator.


Online Hearing

You'll upload evidence and have a live phone or video hearing where the Arbitrator will hear both sides of the story.



Your Arbitrator will issue a decision within 8 days of your hearing. This decision is legally binding and enforceable.


Make Your Case

Tell us about your dispute. We'll then invite the other party to join.


Make Offers

Make and discuss settlement offers and counter-offers. We'll even suggest offer amounts based on disputes like yours.



Once you come to an agreement, we'll notify both parties and require that payment be made within 14 days.

How Your Company
Can Use FairClaims

Resolve disputes between you and your customers, vendors, or contractors.
Resolve disputes between two sides of your marketplace.
Recover on unpaid invoices.
Fight chargebacks.