FairClaims is an online dispute resolution platform. We use court enforceable, binding arbitration to inexpensively resolve disputes and general customer disagreements under $10,000 remotely via 15-to-30 minute webcam hearings (after evidence has been reviewed ahead of time).

FairClaims is convenient, quick, easy and high quality -- our arbitrators are top-tier attorneys with relevant experience and excellent communication skills.

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Arbi enterprise benefits Benefits

Customer Goodwill & Retention

  1. Customers are more likely to remain customers if their dispute is fairly resolved.
  2. And customers are more comfortable with an objective, third-party service.
  3. Mitigate social media venting by giving customers a chance to be heard.

Save Employee Time

Send us your tough cases and avoid:

  1. endless back and forths in customer support
  2. sending employees to small claims court

Feedback Loop & Analytics

Get feedback on:

  1. How customers interpret your rules
  2. Repeat offenders
  3. Customer experience and pain points


Top attorneys review evidence before each real-time video hearing, and spend 3-9x time/claim (versus small claims court).


Get judgments in 3-4 weeks, on par with many internal customer service processes and much sooner than small claims court (which may take 2-3 months).

See our Enterprise Success Metrics here.

See a Case Study here on how FairClaims helped a car rental marketplace succeed.

Arbi enterprise howitworks How It Works
  1. Invite customers to use FairClaims with an email/link and it’s on if they accept - we see a 75% respondent acceptance rate using key carrots and sticks
    Put an FairClaims arbitration clause in your agreements which mandates participation. See sample arbitration clauses here.
  2. Each side submits a simple claim / response form
  • Each side submits evidence online which the arbitrator reviews prior to hearing.
  • There’s a 15-30 minute online video hearing.
  • A fully court enforceable decision is handed down within five days of the hearing.
  • We also help facilitate settlement and payment terms/plans.
  • This all happens in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Arbi enterprise results Results

People love us even when they lose - our Net Promoter Score is about on par with Netflix, including perfect reviews by losing parties. Arbitrators average 90% approval.

Approx. 15-20%+ settlement rate by parties, ideal for everyone.

Even when people disagree with our decision, they respect it. And pay up 85-90% of the time without need for enforcement.

Arbi enterprise pricing Pricing


$225-$275 / claim depending on volume (no platform fee). Some companies pay all or part of this fee. Some ask parties to contribute or split the fee. Contact us below for more info.

FairChat Settlement Tool

$5-$15 / claim depending on volume

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