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Evidence Guide

Evidence is critical to your dispute.

We recommend uploading all items relevant to your dispute. You can do this using the "Add" button in the Evidence section of your dashboard. Below are some additional tips that can help you prepare for your hearing.

What should I upload?

Contracts, pictures, communications (text, email, voice recordings, etc.), invoices, and receipts will help your arbitrator understand what happened prior to the hearing. Providing notes on each item can also help your arbitrator understand why and how each item is important.

What about estimates?

If you can, obtain a second opinion prior to your hearing. Having a professional confirming the quality of work done, or estimating the cost to re-do, repair or replace can be very helpful in proving your argument.

What kind of photos should I upload?

Clear color pictures limited to the claimed damage are best. There is no need to upload multiple photos of the same area, but providing “before and after” photos can be helpful.

I have a witness, can they attend the hearing?

Yes! In your dashboard, you can add a witness with direct knowledge of the dispute. While it is best if a witness can attend the hearing live, you can also submit written witness statements or videos. Anyone who will be joining you during the hearing must be noted in the “Witness” area of your claim 4 days before your hearing.

How long do I have to upload evidence?

You can upload evidence from the moment you sign up until ~4 days before your hearing. Evidence uploads are not allowed after that, so all parties have ample time to prepare.

Will I get to see the other side’s evidence?

Yes! 4 days before the hearing you will be able to view everything uploaded by the other side, and they will be able to see everything you have uploaded. However, it is a violation of the FairClaims Rules and Procedures to download copies or take screenshots of the other side’s evidence for any use outside of your hearing.

Should I review the other side’s evidence?

Yes! Knowing what the other side has shared will allow you to challenge that evidence more effectively during your hearing.

I want to get someone to testify but they’re refusing, what can I do?

Arbitrators can issue subpoenas to witnesses to require them to join your hearing. There may be a fee required so please contact us if you would like to subpoena a non-party to your dispute.

I’m having trouble uploading evidence, can you help?

Of course! Shoot us an email at and we’ll get it resolved.