Lawyer Referral Program

You get $15-$25 for every paying customer you refer.
Your clients get 15% off using your referral code.
Everyone wins!

The Problem

You get calls and emails from prospective clients with small claims matters like unpaid loans/invoices, car repair disputes, unfinished jobs, bad merchandise, etc. But they can't afford to hire you to resolve those matters or it's just not worth it.

Where do they go?

You might refer them to small claims court but experience has taught you they don't want to deal with the hassle of it. You might refer them to legal aid but not everyone qualifies and legal aid is stretched thin as is. So you know they're unlikely to be able to do anything productive to resolve their claim...until now.

The Solution

Refer them to FairClaims and give them a chance to resolve their matters without having to go to court.

You get $15 to $25 for every customer you refer (meaning they sign up and pay to use our service) and they get 15% off using your referral code.

FairClaims replaces small claims court. We use court enforceable binding arbitration to hear cases online (via webcam/mobile phone). FairClaims is more convenient, a much quicker turnaround (3 weeks vs. 2-3 months) and higher quality than small claims court. All for $79 - $159/party. We currently hear matters of < $10K (for individuals) and <$5K (for businesses), the same threshold as small claims court.

Join Us

Email us to join our program and we'll follow up with a code and email you can send to prospective clients when you send them our way. We pay $25 for claims of over $2,500 and $15 for claims of $2,500 and blelow. Some lawyers also include us in client newsletters/social media as a useful resource for their clients (and to make some cash while doing it - adds up for some).

As we grow, we'll be a source of client leads. Once we get there, you'll be among the first to know about and benefit from it. We'll give priority to lawyers who have promoted FairClaims the most.

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